Your Thoughts?

We are performing outside in Union Sq., July 27 starting at sundown.  The festival will go into the night.

There are many awesome people participating in this.  Show some support.  Say a nice word.  Ask them a question, perhaps. Anything goes.

Ready.  Set.  GO!

  • Columbine

    This would have been great with a stage, even a low one. I know they’re expensive, though. All I could see was the backs of heads, so I went home. Some people brought chairs and staked out places early, but people just stood in front of them.

  • Julie

    I know this took a lot of work but the event was poorly organized. I came to see one company but I couldn’t tell from the program when they would actually go on since the posted order kept changing, so we left. Also not all the companies were mentioned in the Somerville Arts Council web site or the article in the paper.

  • Bryan Vonson

    The poster on the door of the SCATV station was helpful. I have to echo the comment below about understanding the order of the groups (I don’t think the poster matched the order). I thought the dancers were awesome. If some pics could maybe be posted so we can connect the names of the groups to the faces? I’d like to follow some on facebook. As for the screen it seemed like an awesome idea but somehow the lighting in the lot didn’t work so well. Please do more of the same!!

    • calliechapman

      Bryan, thanks for your thoughts. No, the order wasn’t reflected on the program unfortunately. The threat of rain (and the unexpected use of a tent) pushed the start time later and later. So we made a decision to not show the 2 films scheduled on the program. In addition those films would have not shown well on the screen and with the ambient light. And the 1st 2 pieces got changed at the last minute and was my typo when putting the program together. I will be on top of posting photos next to bios on the Artists page. In the meanwhile, check out the beautiful photos Kristophe Diaz took of the fest:

      • Bryan Vonson

        Callie thanks for the response! (didn’t know you had as I responded through Facebook). I scrolled through the photos. Any idea which group was the 4 women start in pic number 35? They all had black pants on. I loved that group and would like to follow on facebook. What is the best way to follow what you do, is it the Zoe dance page on facebook?

  • Marielle

    I found each piece to carry its own very unique style. It was great to see these varying artists come together on the same stage. Being an outdoor show, sometimes it was hard to gather the focus, but I think this is the case with any and all outdoor shows. I myself actually enjoyed that aspect of it. I felt it portrayed the artist’s challenges of creating and then performing amidst the often craziness of life.

  • Jen

    I think next time you need an MC to give the audience an introduction to the event and introduce each piece briefly. This would also let the dancers know who is going on next. It was confusing from the inside I must say.