Are you interested in advertising with us?

Since we are creating a couple of large posters (36″ x 48″) that will be the equivalent of a program, you won’t have to depend on the audience not getting one because it will be displayed next to the stage for all to see.

Advertising rates are as follows:
$30 for a small ad
$55 for a medium ad
$110 for a large ad
$300 for x-large ad
$500 for sponsor (which includes logo on top of program as well as links from all of our online publicity and logo on any printed materials)

You can also purchase webpage banner ads:

(side) 250px x 250px for $30 to run until 1 week after the show
(banner) 600px x 150px for $100 to run until 1 week after the show

Please email to submit your materials today!  Or call: 781-738-3272 with questions.

Here’s a PDF of this information to download/print: Advertising Sheet